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You are so very right. I think about this a lot. The Lord used you today smile A wonderful post.

Im so very sorry about your friend. I assume you speak of Ben. Im so, so sorry. Although my daughters didnt know him personally, Michaela has had a few conversations with him & has seen him around the forums. We have shed our tears for the family & are very grieved.

This life is temporal & the reward is ahead, but I cant help but be haunted in the changes I need to make & to live a life that reflects that of Christ. Temporal things are wasteful. Nominal Christianity is sad to me. I want more.


No words can express you how bad I feel ... not only for you but, also for Ben’s family! He was such a great friend to talk to both on the HSA AIM chatroom and also on the phone! My prayers go out to his family!

As you well know, those of us who live are not alive because we lived a life without sin. the gospel is he has blessed us despite ourselves. Ben also has been blessed despite his flaws. I have no doubt that he is very happy. But I have cried a good deal because some of my fondest memories the last two years are with you and Ben. And I have cried even more for Bethany and Aaron.

Yes, I was speaking of Ben. His family (as anyones) can always use prayer—but especially during this time.

It is his family that I have been thinking about the most. I’ll go see them once everything has slowed down. They’ve got their hands full for now.

Me too. But you also lost a good friend.

Your post was thought provoking. I feel your pain through the words. I am still in shock over Ben’s death. One moment he was here. The next he was gone.

I have spent some time wondering why God has allowed all of our paths to cross. What was his purpose? Regardless of what his purpose was/is, I am thankful for the time we had with Ben. All the fun times chatting in the hsachat room. Ben was a searcher. I admired that quality in him.

In the hours since I was notified of Ben’s accident, I have spent much thought in realizing what is important. As much as I regret it takes something as serious and tragic as this, I am thankful to be made to stop and consider these things.

Thank you for your thoughts, Chris.

[quote=Sarah]Me too. But you also lost a good friend.

Wish this blog had a like button wink

Why did God allow Cain’s path to cross Abel’s?

It is good to think about what is important.

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