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This is very interesting. Do you know if there are any similar studies on the impact of 1. biochemical warfare 2 biological warfare? My guess is that all three including nuclear weapons, both battlefield and thermonuclear war would be used in the case of a WW3 scenario between NATO and China/Russia.

Hey John, I apologize for not replying before now. I do not know what the impact of biochemical or biological warfare would be. There is certainly a lot of speculation all over in books, movies and games. Even “zombies” have been blamed on these factors (among other things).

There is a saying that I heard some while back. ‘The only certain thing about war is uncertainty’ (and death). As you noted, in addition to nuclear bombs we now possess the ability to modify chemical and even biological elements to suit our purposes (however vague this may be). We also have unmanned vehicles (“drones”) and whatever else lies behind the “Top Secret” stamps. And things always morph beyond our intentions. I expect that public opinion and social media will shape the next world war, despite how illiterate most have become about the topic.

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