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I’ll add that to my mental store of knowledge for if/when the time comes. I never thought to question the pushing.

I’ve questioned the regular hospital method of childbirth for a while now. If and when I am ever pregnant, I will probably avoid the normal hospital and go for something like a waterbirth perhaps.

Geeze Chris, you really can write some interesting articles!

From a woman who has had 9 births (first 3 in the hospital, 6 at home) my hospital experiences were not the best (to put it mildly), whereas my home births (5 of them water births) were fabulous.

My midwife would always get a chuckle out of me because I would tell her what I was going to do.  I figured out early in the game to listen to my body, and do what it told me to do which was contrary to a dr.‘s orders (not to get into too much graphic detail here lol!).

The home births were always a beautiful experience… One was very peaceful with very little pain.  Midwife wished she could have video taped it to show women that it doesn’t have to be a screaming, out of control experience, even during the “pushing part.”  I have to whole heartedly agree.

I started getting suspicious about pushing after watching the giraffe give birth… raspberry

... from the statistics she quotes, it looks like less than 5% of births really need someone there except to calm the nerves of a first-time mother. Still have some reading to do but that does not surprise me too much.

Exactly what I am thinking, though I don’t intend to be the one who gets pregnant… but I do think that I want to know what to do if something were to go wrong.

It didn’t look like it was on its knees from the pain? ^_^

It’s always great to hear that I’m not cracked. There are already quite a few tapes of home births taking place. You can buy them on DVD on Amazon and I expect the number will keep growing…

I rather not get taped when if I have a baby. Carrie, there’s a lot of good research out there on water births. It’s something I want to do, if the time comes.I hope my husband does a lot of research himself on what would be best and we would be in agreement when the birthing comes.

interesting article, Chris

Giving birth is not a medical procedure. It is a natural, God given gift to woman. Doctors treat woman as if they were in an assembly line. They go from one birthing room to another trying to get this baby out however & whichever way they can. Im sure Adam didnt tell Eve to push….


Statistically speaking, most births are M-F, 9-5. Of those week days, Tuesday sees more births than any other. This sounds strangely like doctors enforcing their schedule on their patients.

I’ve read a ton of books in preparation for the upcoming (and day now) birth of my child. Most of the research read supports the idea that women’s bodies know how to birth and don’t really need much direction.

Have fun when your contractions start to get serious. grin

where did you hear that? LOL. VERY SUSPICIOUS.

The book is loaded with footnotes referencing the original research. I’d be reading for a year or two if I followed up on all of it.

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