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Sponsored: UserMonitor Project

‚ÄčThe UserMonitor Project was sponsored by Cogent Innovators, LLC, and has been released under the terms of Version 2 of the GNU General Public License.

This program runs as a service under Windows 2000 and up (or as a background process for Windows 98/ME) and keeps track of which users are logged on to the computer. It reports that list along with the user's domain and computer IP addresses to a MySQL database of your choosing.

It can also log to a central syslog server. It was developed for use with the Squid proxy server due to limitations in proxy logins. The lowest-credentialed user is being used to restrict all internet access to the machine.


Challenge: Create a C Pac-Man game in <= 20 minutes

Start time: 1:48AM

End time: 4:36AM

Result: Failed the time test miserably wink

Compile instructions are in the source file. The game is really kinda fun for the amount of time spent on it.