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*takes a bow* (some ship somewhere must have a spare)

Odin gave the replacement names. Are you intoning that you know one of these girls?

[quote=Chris]Odin gave the replacement names. Are you intoning that you know one of these girls?

...will get a talking to. smile Good times. :D

Maybelle is better than Fifi….
Fifi makes me think of absolutely anyone except the person it represents. raspberry
And Maybelle… hmmm… actually, perhaps that’s more fitting for it’s owner. raspberry

[quote=Carrie]Fifi makes me think of absolutely anyone except the person it represents. raspberry

Isn’t that the point of changing names? raspberry

why doesn’t this blog post show up on the main page?

I hadn’t noticed that…except that once she pointed it out I realized it wasn’t in google reader either. I’m impressed Carrie!

Since this was originally posted on Facebook, from which I deleted it, I backdated the post to the day that all of this took place. probably also enjoy when we get confused. raspberry

obviously not too eagle eyed, since I didn’t notice the date. Figures you would, Chris. raspberry
That also explains why I couldn’t find it on FB, anymore. I still had the chat log, though, and it was fun comparing it. :D

I only changed the names and then tweaked the structure of two sentences from what was on Facebook. After not reading it for a year, a couple of things stuck out as poor writing. Almost all of the quotes are verbatim from what was in the chat (IIRC).

Or is that what you came up with after comparing it?

that’s pretty much what I came up with. I mostly compared it to remember the identity of the persons who came in in the middle. ^_^

Hah, yeah. I still have the chat log as well. raspberry

might this have taken place on some IRC channel? just a guess.

This was on AIM. I *cough* convinced everyone to use IRC because AIM was too temperamental.

The references to people briefly appearing from dark corners of the room sounded a lot like IRC idlers to me. wink

As surprising as it may seem, dark corners exist on other chat servers too. ^_^

True ... I just don’t use any chat-room-type things other than IRC—thus my limited scope of reference.

I use an AIM -> IRC gateway so that I can chat on AIM with my favorite IRC client. Isn’t that a great idea? raspberry

I suppose, if you use AIM chat rooms. What IRC client do you like? I like X-Chat. Tried mIRC and it’s decent for its easy scripting. KVirc is ok too but ... i like x-chat’s interface better. Now I just need to learn Perl, Python, or TCL so I can script it.

I like WeeChat. I found it when I needed a client that would run over an SSH session, and it is just as easy to configure as X-Chat despite being written for the console. It supports your three scripting languages as well as Lua and Ruby.

You might have mentioned that before, I don’t remember. Anyway, I’ve never tried a CLI IRC client, so I wouldn’t have the slightest idea how to be in multiple channels/servers and know when something is said in another channel.
X-Chat can do Ruby and Lua, among others, but the three I mentioned are used by the most scripts, therefore I would be more likely to try to learn one of those.

X-Chat has added more since I last used it. Interesting. WeeChat can handle C/C++ plugins as well.

As for multi-channel/server support, it is pretty intuitive. You will have to adjust slightly to the key bindings but those aren’t bad:

There is a longer list that you can add to your knowledge over time:

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