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I agree with you about twisting scripture. I often put whole Bible passages down and take then apart piece by piece so the reader will understand what is being said in the one verse I am using in that passage to make a point from.

I thought your example of Joshua Harris using Jeremiah 29:11 quite amusing. In this day and age, I think getting married sooner is better than younger because of;

1. Rampant sexual temptations.
2. Under-populating trends world wide. (Over-population is a total myth)
3. The modern/worldly trend is to wait to have kids (or just “a” kid) till after collage, career, world travel etc.

II Peter 3:8 is also way twisted!  People take it so literally!  It it saying that God will perform His promises in His time, not ours. They twist that verse just like there twist Psalm 50:10 For every beast of the forest is mine, the cattle on a thousand hills.  Does that mean he does not own the cattle on hill 1,001?  In context it only means that all cattle are God’s possession.  His desire is not another burnt corpse but a broken, contrite and obedient heart. 


Teaching/Preaching through a passage is generally much better than topical messages (although not always, hah).

I am inclined to think that the millennial reign is as figurative as the “cattle on a thousand hills.”

Good going. ^_^

Could you clarify what you meant here?

[quote=Thomasjg]getting married sooner is better than younger


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